On the broad generic market this company compares favorably with a human face of business, it is great to work with such company. Undoubtedly, this, first of all, serves as an evidence of the high professionalism of its employees.

And in combination with excellent output quality «ALSI Pharma» has everything for a successful entry at the market and taking leading positions among the manufacturers of generic drugs.

"Oriola" LLC

We believe that we are very fortunate to collaborate with such Russian manufacturer of pharmaceutical products as «ALSI Pharma» CJSC. Here everything is clear and coherent, there is never any confusion or unpredictable situations.

I am glad that we were presented comprehensive information on each product, including new developments, quality, which were fully corresponding to modern requirements. Products are able to satisfy the diverse needs of both pharmacy chains and health care institutions.

"Pharmtek" LLC

We are cooperating with «ALSI Pharma» CJSC for over 10 years, and all the time managers were very polite and responsible. During this period we have formed an impression of «ALSI Pharma» CJSC as of a serious company for which quality of products and the opinion of customers, and the stability of cooperation are equally important.

Organizational problems, if any, are solved very quickly, and we are always informed about new products; company representatives are always open to dialogue.

The company’s products are in demand, our customers note an attractive combination of price and quality. We look forward to the continuous cooperation and we wish the company for further development in their work to help people cope with their illnesses.

"Parma Medical" CJSC

Just starting to work with domestic pharmaceutical company «ALSI Pharma» CJSC, we were pleasantly surprised that there is a company on the local market, which is so well understands the needs of our Russian patients, the buyer of drugs.

It is very easy to work with such products because, first, the drugs are presented in a wide range, and secondly, many of them are analogues to expensive imported drugs to which the buyer is accustomed to, but is looking for no less effective but more affordable substitute.

And, finally, there is no doubt in the quality of products. Now, much later, we also want to note the successful logistics of the company.

"VITTA Company" LLC