Mission of ALSI Pharma is to provide Russian population with the most actual, high-quality and affordable medicines produced in strict accordance with international standards.

Strategy of ALSI Pharma aims to use the latest achievements of medicine in the production of pharmaceuticals, which because of its effectiveness will be the products widely chosen by physicians and patients.

High-tech enterprise for production of drug products is created by ALSI Pharma in Kirov, in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice and OST 42-510-98. Product range consists of generic drugs and is formed on the basis of the program of import substitution.

Sales department of the FPP of Moscow office of the Company as its main tasks sees regular, timely and uninterrupted supply of medicines, produced by our industry, to our partners. To maintain a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients over the long term all the necessary conditions are offered: competitive prices, a system of discounts, reliable delivery of the pharmaceuticals, and the most important — we have an individual approach to each client.