ALSI Pharma celebrated its 11th Birthday

In the autumn of last year we celebrated 11 years since a pharmaceutical company ALSI Pharma announced itself in the market of medical products. The official celebration of the 11th anniversary of the company was held on November 30, 2011. At the event were invited our partners, customers, management of the company — the people with the professionalism and talent of which the success of our business was built.

Birthday of the company was fun, passed on a positive wave. The atmosphere of pleasant communication instilled more confidence in the fact that the company has big plans, based on today’s developments — it is a reality, because we are not alone. It was nice that the guests were satisfied with the celebration.

Now, sometime later, we received professional photos from the event. Let these photos will remind you the party once again, ley you view your favorite moments.

We thank all our partners for their presence and we hope that as the «older» ALSI Pharma gets, the stronger our relationships will become.