Increased shelf life of the Amlodipine drug

Shelf life of the drug «Amlodipine» produced by ALSI-Pharma has changed. If before it was two years, now it is extended to three.

Shelf life of any drug is determined by laboratory research: extending the shelf life is possible only after carrying out studies on the stability of the medication and documented changes in the existing normative and technical documentation. ALSI-Pharma has sent in an application to change the shelf life with all the supporting documents. Ministry of Health issued a positive decision on this issue.

Now Amlodipine, produced by ALSI Pharma, prescribed for the treatment of arterial hypertension and cardiac angina, may be stored and used safely for three years, respectively, and the sell by date of the medicine has become longer, which is more convenient both for companies, selling the product at retail, as well as for buyers, regularly taking Amlodipine.