Drug Domperidone can be sold in pharmacies only on prescription

At the request of the Department of State regulation of medicines of the Ministry of Social Development of Russian Federation drug Domperidone was transferred from the OTC drug to the prescription medicines. The company «ALSI Pharma» has changed the product packaging and instructions to the drug.

Domperidone — antiemetic drug used to improve the motility of the gastrointestinal tract, relieving nausea. It is quite popular and effective medicine, but its independent use, as experts say, is highly undesirable. The reason: the probability of undesirable reactions (including neurological disorders, hormonal disorders). Before using the drug you need to consult a doctor. This is to avoid taking the drug for conditions under which it is ineffective.

Now Domperidone has a prescription only status and will be available to patients only after a visit to the doctor.