Drugs Fluoxetine and Indapamide retard received Registration Certificates

The new registration certificates for Fluoxetine and Indapamide retard have become a confirmation of the previous registration. Receiving a registration certificate in line with the new requirements allows us to confirm the quality, strength and safety of our products and their compliance with all current standards and requirements of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation.

The decision to issue a new registration certificate for these pharmaceutical products of ALSI Pharma was recently adopted by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russian Federation, after the confirmation of the conclusions about their effectiveness as a result of preclinical and clinical studies. As it is known, quality assessment procedure is mandatory for all domestic and imported drugs, which are in circulation in Russian Federation.

Fluoxetine — a popular product of ALSI Pharma, an antidepressant; Indapamide retard — an effective tool for the treatment of arterial hypertension.

Both drugs, as noted above, previously already had registration certificates. Thus, Fluoxetine is successfully produced and sold since 2006, which has an official confirmation. But the former registration certificate had a limited validity period. New Registration Certificate, issued in accordance with the FZ-61 «On the inversion of drugs» has unlimited validity period.

Numbers of registration certificates have not changed.

Packaging for the products with new registration will have different markings.

A copy of the new Registration Certificate our customers can always get from sales department in working order.