«ALSI Pharma» CJSC has confirmed the status of a GS1 Uniscan participant

Because the barcode today is an important element of any modern packaging, a «tool» of logistics, automatic identification of goods is a serious condition to the confidence of manufacturer in the market. «ALSI Pharma» CJSC has confirmed membership in the Association of Automatic Identification «UNISCAN / GS1 RUS», which is the only Russian representative of GS1.

GS1 is an international organization dedicated to technologies of automatic identification of goods. GS1 barcode is standard for the communication of all systems, working with one product: the manufacturer, logistics companies, retail outlets, etc. A unique item number, which is a «key» to information about it and its manufacturer in the information system, can only be assigned via barcode, formally assigned to all items by manufacturer through membership of the latter in «UNISCAN/GS1 RUS». Membership in the Association gives company the opportunity to mark its products with bar codes, to use the standards and specifications of GS1, to participate in electronic data interchange, to have a GS1 international identification number.

Company «ALSI Pharma» is a member of the Association since January 24, 2001. Since that time it has its own bar-code prefix (manufacturer number) and the number for electronic data interchange. The newly confirmed status will be valid until January 23, 2013 (extension of the status and proof of membership in the «UNISCAN/GS1 RUS» is required every year).