Packaging for Simvastatin tablets made by ALSI Pharma changed its design

At the beginning of the year, further series of Simvastatin cholesterol-lowering drug in tablets of 10 and 20 mg will go on sale in new design packaging starting from 010114 series. Initially, in the market, customers will meet packaging of both previous and new design, taking into account recently shipping of the medication. The new design is expected to make the drug more recognizable and facilitate visual perception of information on its dosing and name.

A permission to produce Simvastatin in new design packaging was received by ALSI Pharma, JSC from the Ministry of Public Health of the RF on November 20, 2013 under decision No. 20-3-437498/ИД/ИЗМ-БЭ. Open

Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development (Roszdravnadzor), in its turn, in its corresponding letter of January 22, 2014, informed consumers and distributors of the production on coming design change for a primary and secondary packaging for Simvastatin tablets. Open

The design change is just intended for one goal, i.e. to improve identification of the product on shelves at services and in households. Its look and feel supports a corporate style of ALSI Pharma. Its elements will probably be used to make new packages for other medications made by us, recent developments first. A quality of Simvastatin packaging, its labelling and content have remained unchanged. Nevertheless, fonts for essential inscriptions have been increased, their location has been changed, as well as their colour design (using black and white colours on a white background of a cardboard packaging).

View of previous packaging (evidence from 10 mg No. 30):


View of new packaging (evidence from 10 mg No. 30):