A new feature on our website: online monitoring of the availability of medicines in pharmacies

The website «ALSI Pharma» has a new feature available: now our customers have the opportunity not only to learn about the characteristics of produced medications, but also to obtain information about current availability of these products in public pharmacies in Moscow.

Button «WHERE TO BUY» on each product page in the «Products» section allows to visit the page of this service.


After choosing the necessary medication(s), each user can see all pharmacies (placed on the map), which currently have this medication available, find out the cost of the product in each pharmacy and get related information about what other drugs of «ALSI Pharma» and at what cost can be purchased in the same pharmacy. The information also includes addresses and telephone numbers of pharmacies, making this service rather convenient for the buyer. And an interactive map allows you to visually decide which pharmacy is closer and easier for you to get to.

All information is provided in the online mode, i.e. the user will receive data on the cost and availability, valid at the time of viewing.

Online monitoring of the availability of medicines in pharmacies