«ALSI Pharma» company has introduced the use of a new telephone system

For ease of communication with customers, extending the functionality of communication and improving its quality, we have organized a new trouble-free phone system. Now you can reach us by a single company-wide phone number +7 (495) 787-7055.

Multi-channel number will allow our customers to get through to us without effort — no short beeps or crashes on the line. In addition, it is no longer necessary to keep in memory or to search for phone numbers of various departments. Each incoming call enters into an automatic voice menu, routing the call to needed employee or department.

There are also additional numbers for operative communication with managers. By dialing such number, you will be able to communicate with a particular specialist. Extension numbers allow you to find the answer to needed question, even if an employee of our company is not in his office — the conversation is redirected to a mobile phone of the employee. In turn, extension numbers allow us to analyze and monitor the work of managers with our clients.

Information on extension numbers can be obtained from company managers, who work with your organization.